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All general topics...
... as well as a few specialized fields:

Your documents in Dutch: I am happy to translate into French all your documents on the following topics only: ceramics, history of architecture and arts. For other fields/topics, please ask. I am part of a network of reliable and trustworthy translators and would be pleased to put you in contact with them.

Document Formats

Digital Format

Digital format is now the most common format for most documents exchanged. I am able to work with your documents whatever their format or file extension, including Office 2007 / 2010 / 2013 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), RTF, PDF, XLIFF, SDLXLIFF, XML, INS and IDML.

These are the main purpose of the file formats used by CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools that are used in the translation process:

THE TRANSLATED DOCUMENT I DELIVER TO YOU WILL BE IDENTICAL TO YOUR SOURCE DOCUMENT IN TERMS OF ITS ORIGINAL APPEARANCE, FILE FORMAT, FILE EXTENSION, AND TEXT FORMATTING (COLORS, FONTS, IMAGES, CAPTIONS, FOOTNOTES, ETC.), but with one difference: the document will be written in perfect, flowing, unambiguous French, as if it were written in French originally!

Traditional Hardcopy Format

You may send documents in hardcopy by fax, regular mail, or e-mail (in the case of digital scans). (in the case of digital scans)

If you choose to do so, I will need to digitize the document, which will reproduce your original format closely, though slightly imprecisely.

The advantage of this process is that you will receive two original documents instead of one: the original hardcopy document you started with , plus its electronic version—(which you should keep in a safe place!), plus its electronic version—together with an electronic version of the translated document, of course.

Our Discussions

Before the actual translation job, some discussion between us is necessary and useful to precisely define your translation project.
How does this work?

Say you send your document in an e-mail attachment (the most frequent case). I will analyze it together with all related information related (e.g. who is the document targeted to?) and all other information you have provided (budget, translation of writing formality desired, etc.). I'll then ask you for further information necessary to refine the translation project you envision.

Next, I will establish a quote that is cost- and commitment-free and, best of all, specific to your translation project.

Upon receipt of your written agreement (in most cases by e-mail), I will be able to start the translation process. Upon receipt of your written agreement (in most cases by e-mail), I will be able to start the translation process.

guided visits...

Available in the following languages: French, English, German

Are you looking for someone to perform guided visits in French, English or German, whether for visitors or clients at a particular event or to temporarily assist your team? Or perhaps you need a guide at your museum or exhibition, in your region, on a sightseeing tour, or at your factories, production sites, farms, construction sites or real estate? I am at your disposal for such services, which are billed by the hour when occurring near me, or for several days to a week when occurring outside my home area or abroad. For planning purposes, I require a minimum, mutually agreed upon advance notice, as well as the resource materials necessary to prepare for the visit. I will also want to meet on-site to speak with your staff and see the site at least one day before the guided visit takes place.

Preparation of texts for guided visits in French

I am also happy to translate into or write in French any texts for visits run by your guides or for audio-guides and video subtitles. I can assist your guides in visits conducted in French, as well as translate into or write in French any texts for flyers, brochures, guidebooks, or tourist tours.

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