Prices and Quotes

Here is some information on prices and quotes:
  • - Translations are billed by the number of source-language words for Word documents received by e-mail on general topics. I may also bill by the hour.
  • - Quotes and pricing can only be delivered upon receipt and analysis of your full, final document. (see also "Confidentiality" in the GTS.) Quotes are established based on the type of service required (translation, revision, proofreading, post-editing, "tradaptation," etc.)
  • If your document is a hard copy and has been scanned (in most cases in PDF format) and sent by e-mail, fax, or mail, there will be an additional charge for processing and digitizing (re-transcribing) your document. This process will be extremely useful to you, as you will end up with two source versions of your document: your original hard copy and its digitized version.


We must first clarify the following issues together::
  • Do you need a translation, tradaptation, proofreading, revision or post-editing?
  • What is your required level of translation? Is the translation merely for internal information purposes or is it for publication?
  • Does your text include pictures, drawings, or captions?
  • Is the translated text targeted towards France, French-speaking Belgium, Quebec, French West Indies, etc.?
  • Do you have documents related to the one to be translated (texts and terminology specific to the company, other texts from same author, slide show or PowerPoint, videos) that should be taken into consideration for the translation?

…and many other questions you might ask or which I may ask you in order to bring to light communication issues not yet raised in the original document.

This explains why we speak of a "translation project" than just a translation. These discussions come at no cost to you when creating the price quote. If you wish, read the excellent guide published by the SFT called "Translation: Getting it Right – A guide to buying translation"

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